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Pendleton: Pushing Wool 

From cowboys, The Beach Boys, rockers, skaters, surfers, and The Dude – Pendleton has kept is going for 100 years. It is a rarity for a company to transcend so many boundaries of users and time. We here at MGS have had a long love affair with the classic Board Shirt with its straight bottom, sport collar, and two flap pockets.

As with some other established U.S. companies such as Woolrich, Gitman, LL Bean, and Schott - Pendleton is holding on to its past while carving some new ways with The Portland Collection. We like these kinds of efforts, as there are too many companies that take the “if the wheel ain’t broke, why fix it” avenue.

In 2011, they took the dog and pony show on the road to see how the marketplace would accept these goods for both men and women. It looks like both the market and the press have embraced the line(s). The details and structure of these goods keep them pointing forward while keeping the heritage of all things Pendleton intact. Made in the U.S.A. – yup.



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