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O/K Cabin

Olson / Kundig Architects is a firm, based out of Seattle, that strives to bridge the gap between people, nature, and buildings. The firm covers all of the bases ranging from the architecture, interiors, and custom furnishings. MGS is focusing on one of the smaller structures they designed in 2005, The Delta Shelter. Located in upstate Washington, this 1,000 square foot cabin is built on a 20" x 20" footprint and is three stories high. 

Described as a steel box on stilts, it has the ability to be self contained by hand cranking shut the 10" x 18" steel shutters. The stilts help keep it dry during the occasional flood from a nearby river and snowfalls in the winter. The interior consists of plywood clad walls that make up the middle level / two bedroom and bathroom. Both living room and kitchen take up the third level, with both levels having steel decks that add space. We like the juxtaposition of the raw, indestructible steel exterior and the warmth evoking, mostly wood, interior.

Most of this structure was build off-site in a prefabricated manner which allowed for less disruption to the surrounding landscape and site location. This cabin is a great mix of functionality, durability, and thoughtfulness. It would be awesome to visit this structure during the different seasons and to return to it after a day of biking, hiking, fly-fishing, and/or snow-shoeing.

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