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Workshop on a Mission

Mission Workshop makes bags and clothing that are geared for biking, general (store) use, and travel. With design and aesthetics in mind, MW sets out to create products that will last a lifetime while looking good on the end-user. In addition, their goods are made in North America using technical materials and strict production methods. This, in the end, makes for a product that they can slap a lifetime warranty on for defects of assembly / materials. What is the Mission component of this brand? It is a neighborhood within the city of San Francisco where they have a retail space and offices. But, we also see it as them being on a "mission", a mission to design and produce some of the best bags and active clothes around.

Some MGS favorites >

The Fitzroy - a rucksack made up of several weatherproof compartments, coated zippers, and internal frame sheet that has the ability to carry up to a 17" laptop along with your other gear.     15"x 20"x 8"

The Eiger Field Jacket - a waterproof piece that has classic looks mixed with a modern material that allows for breatheability and protection from the elements, all while looking good. You won't need another after getting this forward thinking wearable......from the MW Advanced Project Series.

The Shed - a rolltop messenger bag, with a killer chest strap, that will carry your laptop, breakfast, lunch, and 12 pack! As with the other bags, it is weatheproof and has several areas to stash your different cargo. 

Head to the Mission in San Francisco to see Mission Workshop on their Mission of creating good goods.