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Light, Strong, Mobile - The Boby

Designed by Joe Colombo in 1968, the Boby trolley remains a timeless classic due to its versatility and durability, being made of molded ABS plastic. The Boby has been used over the decades in environments such as homes, office, make-up rooms, and bar rooms. The nooks, drawers, and wheels helped this store-all unit transcend boundaries of use.


 Still in production today, one can find these in black, white, orange, or red in a variety of sizes. Other colors were produced over time, with the electric green being one of the hardest to find.



Joe Colombo was both an artist and industrial designer that unfortunately had his life cut short at the age of 41 due to heart failure. As with the Boby, he designed other goods that embrace versatility and modularity. His forward thinking ideas for environments and products secured his name on the list of influential Italian designers. Throughout the 1960’s, Colombo was set on embracing new technologies to further his designs and new ideas for living.

"The possibilities presented by the extraordinary development of audiovisual processes are enormous," he opined. "The repercussions on the way in which humanity lives could be considerable. People will be able to study at home and carry on their own activities there. Distances will no longer have much importance."

"Traditional families are tending to give way to small groups created on the basis of affinity. We will have, in short, the natural tribal society - these groups living and working in common will require a new type of habitat: spaces that can be transformed, spaces conducive to meditation and experimentation, to intimacy and to interpersonal exchanges."