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One Chair, Two Materials

The Ralph Rapson Lounge Chair by Blu Dot, both happen to be from Minnesota. This chair has a sense of lightness due to the thin synthetic mesh that stretches over the stainless steel, or black, frame. It’s overall look and scale set it apart from the sometimes-monotonous offerings for outdoor goods. And at 49” wide, it has the potential to seat two or allow one to lie down.

Ralph Rapson (1914-2008) had an architecture, design, and entrepreneur career that covered 70 years. His place in the Amercan Modernist happenings of the 20th century has been fully secured and will continue to influence. His talents with a pen and paper were hard to match and he pursued several areas within the design field. He designed residential and commercial structures as well as designing furniture and even had a shop that sold modern design goods of the time / 1950.



Ralph Rapson designed this chair in 2007, at the age of 92, as another addition to a lengthy career as an architect / designer. *Note the recently posted CSH #4 under Building.


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