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2012 Handmade Bike Show – Design, Craft, Materials, Brazing, Passion, Ride

MGS dropped in on the 2012 Handmade Bike Show for a tour. It is always great to see hands on what the smaller companies and individuals are making. The handmade process really shines through with some of these makers and it is more than evident that passion plays a key role in producing these machines. Some channel this passion into well-rounded bikes that include design details, fabrication quality, color schemes, creative logo placement, and proper components – all which in the end create a long lasting and safe bike.

The bikes we gravitated towards embraced traditional craftsmanship mixed with modern tweaks and details. We saw great examples of road, cruiser, commuter, track, townie, touring, single speed, fixed, mountain, and more.

MGS will be highlighting some makers in the near future. Below are some examples that caught our attention.

Rebolledo Cycles / Glen Ellan, Ca. - a great mix of crafsmanship, colors, and details.

Naked / British Columbia - They rode to the show! Innovative touches and details commanded several viewings of their booth.

Panda Bicycles / Fort Collins, Co. - unique designs that fuse steel and bamboo. 

Panda Bicycle detail >

Shamrock Cycles / Indy, Indiana - a proud builder that thrives on building the best products possible.

DeSalvo Custom Cycles / Ashland, Oregon - a single person operation producing 100 frames per year.

Ira Ryan Cycles / Portland, building bikes that are a true extension of the rider.

Independent Fabrication / Newmarket, New Hampshire. They seem to build it all with attention to detail and performance. 

Signal Cycles / Portland. These guys have a real feel for the combination of details that make the whole. And their booth design gets points too! More on these guys later.

One dude, one bike.

This bike caught our attention due to it evoking the feeling of a board tracker, bmx, cruiser, Stingray, commuter, and gravity bikes. It was built by Renold of YiPsan Bicycles out of Fort Collins. Most will not grasp it like we did here at MGS, but we could not help gravitating to see it more than a few times.

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