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Woolrich Woolen Mills – An Extension of the Past

Woolrich has been making wearable goods for 180 years, starting with woolen fabrics, yarns, and socks being sold from a cart pulled by a mule. From there, a mill was built which is still amongst the cluster of other buildings, homes, and overall community of Woolrich, Pennsylvania. Woolrich changed with the times adding pieces to their line as needed. This included coats, knickers for golf, railroad vests, blankets, and the forever-famous Buffalo Check Shirt.

The company today has reached international status while holding true to its roots of quality, heritage, and the outdoor lifestyle. This brings us to the Woolen Woolrich Mills collection, which is an extension to the existing brand. This collection builds upon the history and production methods, while applying some modern details / forms to the mix.

These interpretations were initially creative directed by the Japanese designer, Daiki Suzuki, and are now being translated by the American designer, Mark McNairy.

Here we have some MGS favorites from the WWM / McNairy offerings >

Newspaper Pocket Shirt – a lightweight denim shirt that yes, has the ability to carry a folded newspaper in the front pocket.

Arak – a great denim pullover with cool leather details and a carryall pouch.

Mayo – a fleece parka that has visual texture and just enough details.

Elmer Vest / PPO Plaid Shirt / WWM Watch Cap – all evoke that timeless feeling.

MP Jacket / Biff BD Shirt / Mayo Pants – Back in Black, could blend in at the MGS office.