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(Rad)io Italy

Brionvega is an Italian brand that has carved forward thinking design ideas from the landscape of electronics since 1945. This was pushed further in the 1960's after teaming up with the likes of Marco Zanuso, Mario Bellini, Castiglioni, and Sottsass. The goods and company have gone through several chapters since the beginning, but current prodcution and vintage pieces are available today. 

The TS522, designed in 1964 by Zanuso and Sapper, remains one of our favorties here at MGS. A self contained plastic cube that forces one to open to discover that it is a provider of music. One side of the cube supplies controls for choosing stations while the other side provides a speaker and volume control. 

The RR226 was designed by Pier Giacommo and Achille Castiglioni in 1965, a unique classic that holds its own aesthetically and functionally. Ahead of its time, it contained a record player, amp, and radio all contained in a forward design form. 

No doubt that these designs inflenced many others for the decades to follow, and today provide historical inspiration for design and audio appreciators.