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Wood Meets Cast Aluminum......Seamless

As we look back at this years Milan Furniture Fair, the objects designed and presented by Hilla Shamia have resonated with us. This young Israeli based designer presented some furniture pieces referred to as "Wood Casting" which happen to merge wood and aluminum. The cast aluminum process fills the voids within the wood when poured, leaving the look of having been submerged in a lake of aluminum. in a way, it is wrapping and preserving this natural material.

The process includes high heat and smoke, which results in the wood having a singed look with the the darkest point being where the wood and aluminum meet. As with the natural wood itself, the end result is unique and no two are alike. This holds true with the aluminum component of these as well, as the casting process leaves surface imperfections. The squared off tops allow them to be used as tables and/or stools. 

We applaud this mix of craft, modernity, materials, and the process. This combination results in an object that has longevity too! MGS will be keeping an eye on this up and coming designer as she carves and casts her way into the never ending world of design.

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