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Kijken!......Modern Dutch Craft

We have been following Jurgen Bey for the past fourteen years, starting with the Tree Trunk Bench and Kokon Furniture Series. He has kept our attention due to his ever-changing use of materials, innovation, tradition, and craft. His unique manner makes one look twice and study his endeavors more than most. Some of his work was and is produced by the incredible Dutch think tank known as Droog. In 2002, Studio Makkink and Bey was formed to further their craft of design. Their studio, located in an industrial building in Rotterdam, consists of a team that is hands on with backgrounds from different disciplines.,,

“The goal of our studio is to entice a new design culture by showing new alternatives through critical design. Analytical design is a fundament for a new culture in a city, public building or house.”

“The design process itself is elevated as a final product. The product continually adjusts itself to its current situation to be slotted into its designed context. All available expertise is used, such as a caring member of the community or a skilled craftsman. The result is a pertinent answer to the questions that lay hidden within every project.”

We embrace their view that a small project can progress into a larger one, and in turn, a larger one can spawn a series of smaller ones. M&B ask "Did the invention of the elevator give rise to the skyscraper or did the high-rise buildings dictate its existence?"

The tree trunk is the base while the classic looking chair backs, cast of bronze, turns this into an oversized bench for many. All one needs is the fallen tree; the backs are sold to the end user to create the piece as there is no reason to ship a tree trunk. This piece is a true combination of human-made and nature. Designed 1998 / Bey / Droog

The Kokon (cocoon) Series takes old furniture and disguises it with a synthetic skin that has elasticity. The morphing of several pieces to make one also takes this to another level. One know what is under the elastic skin, the separate pieces seem familiar, but to see them joined with a new skin give them a whole new identity. Designed 1999 / Bey / Droog

The Werkstandt Kabinett, a piece that can act as one of five things. A crate with cut outs, hinged doors, and graphics place upon a period writing desk. And is front of it is a chair top that has the look of resting on a base of wood scraps. Designed 2007 / M&B

Watch House Brinta is a small structure that was part of a small group show in the Netherlands. It was made of wood, straw, zip ties, and tie-down straps with an interior consisting of chair / desk and a blanket and pillow. Designed 2008/ M&B

The Kade Chair is a study in contrasting materials, colors, and where one focuses attention. In this case the focus is on the forever-famous Eames shell. The wood base / support allows one to swivel and use the table in a multi-functional manner. Variations of this idea translate into the Cheoungju series as well. Designed 2008 / M&B

Below are some other designs by this Studio......more to come from MGS about this collaborative....