No Bull#$&@ 1970’s - The Seiko Bullhead / 6138 Series Watch

Yes, it sits high on the wrist and weighs more than most watches you have owned. But, once you adapt to that, your love for this series of watch will never end. These classic chronograph watches stand out in the crowd due to their crown and chrono pushers location. They were made with either a black or a copperish brown face with both having a very uniquely colored greenish / yellow chronometer hand and two registers. The Japanese market only Speedtimer version is marked accordingly on the face of the watch. Some people speak of other (rare) variants of this watch as well, but we are sticking with the basics at this time.

Width 46mm  Depth 15mm

Several of us here at MGS wear these watches along with some other great period chronographs that we will cover later.



BMW Neue Klasse / 4 Doors of Fun

Yes, a predecessor to the forever iconic 2002 and e9 models that started production in 1962 with the 1500 model. This model is considered the one that saved the nearly bankrupt company. The 1500 ultimately turned into the 1600, 1800, and 2000 models, these model numbers represent the engine displacement. And speaking of engines, this is where the M10 / four cylinder engine was born. This engine was placed within BMW cars up until 1988, what a run!

The resemblance to the 4 door 1600 and 2002 models is evident by glancing at the front nose. But after that, it starts to change a bit – 4 doors, wider stance, and a flat panel trunk lid are the initial things one will notice.

Good Times at the Track –
In 1965 they introduced the 1800 TISA. Only 200 of this model were made with more that a few finding their way to the racetrack……even taking first place at the Spa 24 Hours Race. Here is a short list of parts that set this model apart from the others –

Dual 45 DCOE Weber carburetors

10.5:1 compression

Longer duration cam

150+ Horsepower (as opposed to 120 bhp for the 1800 TI and 102 for the standard 1800)

5 speed close ratio transmission

Rear disc brakes

Special sports seats

Tachometer that extends from dash out toward driver

Wooden steering wheel

Designer –
Giovanni Michelotti is the pen and paper behind this car, a known car designer of the 20th century, having contributed to BMW, Lancia, Maserati, Triumph, and more. You can see the Italian influence in the overall design of the BMW NK series, from the four doors up to the 2002 model.


Some Traction / Gregory Ain – Mar Vista Tract Homes

Gregory Ain joined the Eames Office in 1942 after having been on his own completing architectural and design projects.  His role at the office put him in the middle of developing some of the most important furniture designs of our time – especially the molded plywood goods. Charles Eames and Gregory shared a common and intellectual view that design was a problem-solving task. Ain obtained the title of Chief Engineer during a three-year period, working along with Eames to problem solve the mass production of molded ply goods. These goods included the DCW, LCW, LCM, and DCM chairs.

His departure after this time allowed him to return to his architectural practice. 

After developing a few other small Modernist single and tract projects entering into the late 1940’s, his project called Mar Vista Housing became his largest and most regarded. The project was for a builder named B.M. Edelman, who happened to own a 60-acre tract. The original plan called for 102 homes. The goal of Ain was to create a planned housing community with a high level of differentiation. Architectural shifting and landscape design helped achieve this. These houses were built to accommodate families post the war, while keeping in mind the overall costs. The Mar Vista Houses went on sale for $11,000 in 1948, at just over 1,000 Square feet. The project did not reach the planned number of 102 homes, but did make it to 52.

Today the tract has reached Historic Preservation protection and renewed interest due the overall rising levels of Modernism in recent years.



Pendleton: Pushing Wool 

From cowboys, The Beach Boys, rockers, skaters, surfers, and The Dude – Pendleton has kept is going for 100 years. It is a rarity for a company to transcend so many boundaries of users and time. We here at MGS have had a long love affair with the classic Board Shirt with its straight bottom, sport collar, and two flap pockets.

As with some other established U.S. companies such as Woolrich, Gitman, LL Bean, and Schott - Pendleton is holding on to its past while carving some new ways with The Portland Collection. We like these kinds of efforts, as there are too many companies that take the “if the wheel ain’t broke, why fix it” avenue.

In 2011, they took the dog and pony show on the road to see how the marketplace would accept these goods for both men and women. It looks like both the market and the press have embraced the line(s). The details and structure of these goods keep them pointing forward while keeping the heritage of all things Pendleton intact. Made in the U.S.A. – yup.




Add Water – Shawn Stussy Shaping Up – S/Double

For the past few years Shawn Stussy has been digging at his roots, the roots of surfing, clothing, and small production.

Now based in Santa Barbara, Ca., one of the most beautiful places in the U.S., he has re-launched one of the greatest forms of transport, the surfboard. He is making some short and wide boards that draw from boards he made in the eighties – while keeping a foot in the present. His new journey is being figured out along the way while embracing the spirit of his past. 

 5’10” x 20.75” tri

5’8” x 20” classic twin

Check out the S/Double Surfboard Showroom when in the Santa Barbara / Montecito area = 1187 Coast Village Road – behind the barbershop. Tell them that MGS sent ya.

As with MGS, Shawn has a keen interest in cool cars, cool girls, two wheeled things, good stuff, good tunes, and cool waves.


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